Made By Damian Kamm.

Liphook Amateur Productions



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We are pleased to announce the Cast list for LAMPS Aladdin Pantomime to be performed in Liphook’s Millennium Hal from Friday 6th December to Sunday 8th December 2013

Marcus Carter is Aladdin - the Principal Boy of this Oriental Pantomime
Luca Whiteways is Widow Twankey -  “a washerwoman with mangled feelings
Ethan McAuley is Wishee Washee - Widow Twankey’s son a sort of Oriental Del Boy
Finn Connelly and Nat Perfremont are Wishe  Washee’s gang    - Hoo and Wat - Two simpletons who do Wishee          Washee’s menial tasks. It’s like having two Rodney’s.
Steve Baker is Abanazer - The Villain in this pantomime.
David Lance is Kung-Fu - Abanazer’s assistant  
                             – couldn’t chop wood, but thinks he can.
Jasmine Browett is the Genie of the Ring
(and choreographer)
Simon Coyte will play the Genie of the LAMP –
in a different dimension to the rest
Emily Shires will playThe Princess Yasmin - A feisty “modern” lady, who DOESN’T want to be a prissy princess
Steve Skeet is The Emperor -  
                         who adores his daughter Princess Yasmin
Nicole Snelling is The Empress -
               the power house in the Empire, or so she thinks
Karen Dowsett is the Vizier -
                             Assistant to the Emperor and Empress.
April and Elize play The Chinese Palace Constables: Con Tent  and Con Phewzed
 They get everything wrong except making everyone laugh
Aniela Jolliffe is So-Shy - she is Wishee Washee’s love interest- and Princess Yasmin’s handmaiden
Louisa Futcher and Corinna Harris are playing Widow’s Hankey & Pankey: -
Widow Twankey’s two best friends. Boy are they gossips
Ottilie Petersen and Alica Sear are the twin nieces of Widow Pankey  – Eye Kan Sing; & Wee Kan Sing
Luke Hasket and Alex Chiles are the twin nephews of Widow Hankey Twins – No Pah King and No Thin King