Made By Damian Kamm.

Liphook Amateur Productions



Friends and families feasted on a fish & chip supper as they flocked to support Liphook's local Amateur Dramatics society, LAMPS, at the Millennium Hall on Saturday 26th April. Not only were they fed but also totally entertained as LAMPS put on a double bill to delight an appreciative audience.

One of the many aspects of running a young dramatics society, now in it's sixteenth year, yet well established in the village, is the constant churn of youngsters who grow up with the group but move on in later life to higher education & university. There is always new blood coming into the group and for the last two years LAMPS has been running Theatre Workshops with their youngsters, in the Spring to develop their stage presence and acting ability. This year, workshop co-ordinator, Dave Rowlandson set the youngsters, aged seven to twelve, a new objective. To use their imagination and with a minimum of props and stage settings, develop a one off show that would give everyone of them an opportunity to take centre stage and demonstrate their expanded acting prowess. To do this the youngsters where split into three groups. Dave worked with one group and Clemency Bray and Steve Baker were given a new opportunity to work with the other two groups. Two groups developed the ‘hilarious' poems of Roald Dahl into short sketches, with all youngsters making masks to represent their characters, and the other group working on sketches around the poems of cats. The sketches went down with the audience fantastically, with Natasha Lucas as Jack's mother and tiny Jenna Whiteway (the Giant) outstanding in Jack and the Beanstalk. Everyone performed splendidly and the future looks rosy for LAMPS future productions if they can keep these youngsters for a number of years. With further sketches, that included Maddie Hurlestone making a great Cinderella and a very funny portrayal of Red

Tiding Hood by Rhiannon Meekin in both ' Red Riding Hood' and the ' Three Little Pigs', LAMPS Theatre Workshop provided an end product to be proud of, and with at least five new additions to the LAMPS entourage. We will have to keep an eye out for Emily Shires, only seven years old, who showed no stage fear as her group performed their numerous CAT alogue of poems.

After the Fish & Chip Supper, the audience sat down to a wonderfully written sketch by Simon Coyte, based on the characters from last century's television comedy 'Allo Allo'. Steve Baker took on the part of French cafe owner Rene Artoir, and his portrayal of the part, with it's many asides to the audience, was very funny. With Sylvia Wallis providing the off key singing (this brought tears to the audiences eyes) of Madame Edith, the cast took on their parts with a passion. Clemency Bray played that temptress of a waitress Yvette, very convincingly, Rob Miller and Adam Coyte played a wonderful double act as the Colonel Von Strum and Lieutenant Gruber, who placed cheese in their ears to quell the noise of Madame Edith's singing. In this one Act Comedy, entitled 'Alio Allo! It's Café Rene', Martin Wellen took the part of the ' Good Moaning' policeman (Martin's first performance for LAMPS), Gill Jones played Michelle (listen very carefully, I shall say this only once'), Simon Coyte played Monsieur LeClerc, and Jane Laver the part of Helga. The comedy was sufficiently fast, short and very funny for a Saturday night audience, full of fish and chips from the local `Chippie'. This was great entertainment for the Liphook populace in a lovely venue. How lucky Liphook is to have a hall that can provide comfort and facilities whilst watching live entertainment. May both the Millennium Hall and LAMPS continue to do so for many years.

Review by Dave Rowlandson

April Show 2008

Allo Allo & Hilarious Poems