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Money in your pocket

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Little Drummer Boy


Blue Christmas



Final Curtain

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A Grotto Christmas

Christmas 2009 Pantomime

Despite the name of their last show 'A Grotto Christmas', the cast of LAMPS had a very merry time performing this new musical to audiences at the Millennium Hall in December.

The show saw Santa's elves travelling through space, time and carols to search for Father Christmas who has fallen victim to his sister, Noita – an evil witch. Noita (evily played by Natasha Lucas), jealous of her older brother as he gets all the attention, decides to banish Father Christmas (a very jolly Rob Miller) to spend an eternity re-living the same Christmas carol over and over again.

Three of Santa's bravest elves – Tuki Tovio and Jakaa (Katherine Wellen, Finola Couling and Ellen Meekin) – enlist the help of Noelle, the Christmas Fairy (a roller-skating Clemency Bray), and travel through several Christmas carols to bring Santa home. The foursome visited Bethlehem just after the birth of Jesus and are treated to a heart-warming rendition of 'The Little Drummer Boy' from our little drummer girl (Amy Bleakley). As Father Christmas is not there, the elves and Noelle move on to visit Good King Wenceslas (Steve Skeet), before travelling to the nineteenth century where they meet the creators of Silent Night, with a rendition of the carol performed on flute (played by Rhiannon Meekin and Alison Byrne).

The last carol they visit is Dickens's 'A Christmas Carol' where, with a modern twist, Scrooge (played by Luca Whiteway) regales the audience with a rap and dance number 'Cash in his Pocket'. The elves find Father Christmas disguised as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come trying to convince Scrooge to become a good man. Santa is brought home and re-united with his wife, Mrs Claus (Nicole Snelling). There is a final confrontation with Noita, but the siblings are reconciled after it turns out the animosity is the result of a misunderstanding. Writer and director Steve Baker said: 'I am really pleased with the way the show went. Everyone on stage and behind the scenes was a Christmas star!'