Made By Damian Kamm.

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Captain Jack Sparrow

I’m sure everyone knows who Jack Sparrow is? I would like this to be played in the part like the films, it will be costumed like the film as well. This will be a singing part

Joshamee Gibbs

This is Jacks right hand man, his first mate so to speak.  He is extremely loyal, yet a stalwart pirate who would do anything for Jack.

This will be a main character potentially with a solo or duet but can also be a non-singing part.

General Pirates

General pirates of Jacks crew, will be involved in group songs and will all be speaking parts.


Gingerbeard is going to be the primary antagonist of the show and will be a very sinister character who takes no mercy on his enemies; this will be a lead role with solos.

Gingerbeards First Mate

Gingerbeards first mate is just as sinister as his master and has no issue with swashbuckling with his enemies to further his end game, depending on who I cast this can be a singing role.

General Pirates

General pirates of Gingerbeards crew will be involved in group songs and will all be speaking parts.


Lieutenant Commander Groves and Lieutenant Gillette

The 2 lieutenants will be comedic singing parts who will be consistently trying to capture Jack Sparrow and also preventing both parties of pirates from succeeding at keeping the treasure, both of these parts are lead roles.

General Sailors

General sailors of the navy, will be involved in group songs and will all be speaking parts. They will play the navy of the2 lieutenants as well as Admiral Smiths, will all have British accents.


If you have seen the films this part will be akin to the Will Turner role. This part will be allied to Jack Sparrow and will be key in getting him to go and get gingerbeards treasure. This will be a lead role and will have a solo

Admiral Smith

Admiral Smith is a british admiral who almost defeats Gingerbeard in battle but is not who he seems to be as later on it turns out he has formed an alliance with the pirate to try and become kings of all the seas. This is a lead role that can have a singing part, but most likely will not be involved in singing.

Jacks Mum

This character will be involved in the redemption of Jack and helping him realise he wants to still be a pirate, this will be a singing role in duets and may also have a solo part for the right person.

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’