Made By Damian Kamm.

Liphook Amateur Productions


Christmas in Liphook

would not be the same without a LAMPS show at the Millennium Hall.

If you missed the last Christmas show, where audiences every night praised the singing and harmonies of the whole cast then be sure to keep your diaries clear for next December.

Same time, same place, same total pleasure guaranteed. Watch this space or better still come along to the Millennium Hall on Wednesday evenings and join in.

Or ring Dave Rowlandson on 01420 475195 for information on how you too can become involved in entertaining the wonderful people in the Liphook area.

The Cast of Xanadu

LAMPS production April 2010

Lamps productions are, in the main, all there own work.

Costumes contributed by the cast.  

Script written and transgressed by members of the society.

Choreography of dance routines by some of the talented youngsters.

Backing music provided by actors and support team.