Made By Damian Kamm.

Liphook Amateur Productions


St Trinian’s Fame Academy

Performed at Liphook’s Millennium Hall Saturday April 24th 2010

What would Suzanne have thought of the current young crop of actors creating a riot in Liphook’s Millennium Hall in April? It’s okay, she would have loved it, as did the Saturday audiences who saw these budding theatrical performers, play their parts in a one off show written specially for LAMPS, “St Trinian’s Fame Academy”.  Speaking to Dave Rowlandson after the show, he explained how Rakesh Patel, Nina Kamm and himself had set out to develop the performance skills of the whole group, whilst coming up with an end product that showed their abilities to act, sing and dance.

The musical, simply set in a classroom environment, had the kids turning on the Teacher with a chilling version of “Another Brick in the Wall. With Rhiannon Meekin, one of the kids I understand, choreographing two dance numbers, one to Girls Aloud’s recent recording of “St Trinian’s” and another to “Poker Face”, it was good to see the Fame Academy girls hold their own in front of a supportive audience.

With twenty six youngsters involved in this production, there is more to come from this group over the years.  I’ve got news for you.  The youth of the area are doing great, especially those on stage performing in “St Trinian’s Fame Academy”. I can’t wait to see them again in December in “Alice in Wonderland”

Review of LAMPS “St Trinian’s Fame Academy” by Henry Edwards


Fame Academy Girls

St Trinian's Boy

With Lancey