Made By Damian Kamm.

Liphook Amateur Productions


   The  Spring  Show    May 2012    Grease


          Spring Musical “GREASE the Early Years”

   Brief Synopsis of Show

This show was especially written for LAMPS, to suit our membership and was simply about the years at Rydell School leading up to the well known storyline that is “Grease the Musical/Movie”.

The story took us back to Rydell School back in 1954 when the kids who would eventually become the “Pink Ladies” and the T Birds were in first grade.

The 1st half of our show was for the younger members of LAMPS, exploring how they meet and begin to separate into a group of friends.

Throughout the show we are taunted by the will they won’t they love triangle of the Class Tutor, Ronnie Lonely, Miss Lynch (English teacher) and Miss Flowers (School Secretary).

To keep the pupils and teachers in line, the school Principal, Miss Grabowski, who is totally barmy, employs a grumpy Janitor Mr Argus,

In the second half we moved to 1958, where the kids have now become teenagers and are in the 4th Grade. This time we used the teenage members of LAMPS to be the characters in the classroom.

The Pink Ladies are now formed and we saw them both in and out of school, being outrageous. The TBirds are also just being established and are beginning to gather that swagger and arrogance.

Our love triangle still had to be resolved 4 years on and we saw it come to a conclusion as we brought the show to the point just prior to Danny meeting Sandy.

Oh yes, the principal and Janitor are still around.

There was songs and comedy throughout, and some choreography to pull them all together. The songs were all late 1950’s style, some well know, some lesser known


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